Family Financial Centers CEO in Franchise World Magazine

Family Financial Centers President is interviewed by Cheklist Magazine Convention 2010 Issue

Paul W. Eckert, President and CEO of Family Financial Centers, LLC was interviewed for the cover article in Cheklist magazine, the most widely read magazine in the check cashing industry. The article, entitled, “bill could be bonanza for industry” refers to the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. While this bill has caused concern throughout the financial industry, Mr. Eckert believes this is an exciting time for the check cashing industry as a whole. While many are dreading the thought of additional federal oversight, Mr. Eckert sees the restrictions and changing fee structure to likely move more people into non-bank businesses, thus continuing the movement already begun by the poor economy. “Charges on the consumers will go up drastically, and banks will drive people to us,” commented Paul Eckert, “The days of free checking are gone.”

Family Financial Centers takes pride in developing new ancillary products designed to keep customers coming back. “I’m a firm believer in customer-for-life, and we want to help people through different phases of their financial life,” Eckert says.

With a unique bank-like model, internal financing, and solid banking relationships, FFC can easily re-brand existing stores, usually in a weekend. Having a variety of business models available from Store-in-Store kiosk models to fully-built out retail locations, Family Financial Centers can work within the current business environment and the financing options available.  Click on the link below to read the full article.

About Family Financial Centers Family Financial Centers is the “Quantum Leap” forward in the evolution of the alternative financial service center. Located in attractive suburban centers, Family Financial Centers have the systems, ambience and professionalism of a traditional bank. FFC offers a full array of financial services including check cashing, money orders, wire transfer, tax preparation services debt settlement, credit repair and short-term consumer loans. Family Financial Centers is committed to raising the standard for alternative financial service providers both for product offerings and the way they are delivered to the market. Our centers are conveniently located to our customer’s home or work. We are fully automated with systems that keep the average transaction time to just a few minutes. This allows our customer to have all of their financial needs taken care of conveniently and efficiently, in an environment that is upbeat, professional and friendly. Family Financial Centers is rapidly expanding through acquisition and conversion of existing financial centers to the Family brand.

For Additional information contact Family Financial Centers at (215) 230-5508




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