International Franchise Association Holds Seminar in Denver


International Franchise Association (IFA) Image:
International Franchise Association (IFA)

Recognized as one of the “Top 25 Franchisors” by the Philadelphia Business Journal in 2013, Family Financial Centers takes pride in exceptional quality and customer service. Under the leadership of founder and CEO Paul Eckert, Family Financial Centers demands the best from both its franchisees and its own team, and these standards include keeping up with industry trends by maintaining membership in the International Franchise Association (IFA).

Throughout the year, the IFA hosts a number of conferences so that its members can learn from one another and network with other professionals in the franchising field. For franchisors who wish to grow their business, the IFA is holding a franchise development seminar on October 5, 2016. The seminar will be held at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado, in conjunction with the West Coast Franchise Expo.

Through small, interactive programs that allow attendees to share their own stories and learn from their colleagues, the event will help franchisors build knowledge and make important contacts. Additionally, those seeking Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) accreditation will earn 150 Education Credits for attending the seminar.


Advantages of Prepaid Debit Cards

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Prepaid Cards

Offering many of the same services as a traditional bank, Family Financial Centers helps franchisees set up alternative financial service firms in their communities. Under the leadership of Paul Eckert, Family Financial Centers enables franchisees to start businesses centered around prepaid debit cards.

Regardless of the type of card, prepaid cards offer a number of advantages over more traditional debit and credit cards. Because prepaid cards have a fixed amount of cash value assigned to them and are not directly tied to a bank account, the consequences of losing a prepaid card or having it stolen are often much less serious. Many network-branded cards enjoy consumer protection in the event of fraudulent misuse or loss, often in the form of deposit insurance. However, it is important to make sure your specific card qualifies for consumer protection.

For families, prepaid debit cards are an excellent way to control a child’s spending. Not only can parents set a hard limit on the amount a child spends, but they can also track their purchases. For public and private organizations, depositing funds electronically to prepaid debit cards is much cheaper than printing out checks and mailing them to recipients.